Here to Help

If you find yourself reading this and you haven't already asked, the question is How is Cosmic Affinity here to help? The answer to that question is in the form of community programs! All of the profit from the items you buy go towards building three community based programs. The first one is, 

Affinity and Beyond 

         - A music program that teaches about the healing powers of musical vibrations. I believe many have come to learn, on this journey called life that music tends to have a way of calming us down, and making us feel better individually, or as a group whenever things just didn't feel right. Music has always found a way of bringing joy to even the saddest of situations. This program is about learning exactly what is so divine about frequencies, that it has the power to heal and the power to destroy. We will then use that knowledge as well as tools and collaboration to create healing for ourselves and the world with music and eventually other forms of art. It will introduce the healing powers of writing, visual arts, community arts, photography, and film under a subprogram; Music Without Sound. 

The second program is, 

BEE Program

        - A reading program with a gem. BEE stands for Better Education Everywhere. I  am going to partner with an intellectual or organization with access to old and new books by black authors covering: history of melanated people, ancient america, history of money, documentaries and film, survival, vaccines and children, trust and estates, cryptocurrency, building business and wealth, black power, holistic health, African history, music, universal geometry, the human body, meditation, nutrition, gardening, and many other things. My goal is to give the people of my community access to accurate information that will liberate their minds. I will provide a tumbled gemstone and description with every book purchase. 

The third program is, 

Fresh Start

      - A Healthy Food initiative program. I  am going to partner with my local farmers markets to promote and encourage maintaining an alkaline diet, and learning how to grow your own produce. Cosmic Affinity will host tutorials and classes at the farmers markets around the city, beginning with the Soul to Soul Community Farm Stand in Harlem, NY. These classes will be led by local nutritionists on healthy alkaline alternatives to your favorite meals, ways to boost your immune system, how the food most currently eat really affects our human body, natural herbal remedies, and tips to starting a city garden. I would also like to invite alkaline and plant based restaurants, and platforms to teach and promote their business/brand. 

If you are at all interested in learning more about any of these programs, participating or contributing feel free to reach out to us at 

See where it all began @cosmicaffinity on IG and Twitter