Journey of Life

Cosmic Affinity was established in March of 2020, by LaAsha Nelson also known as Affinity, to be a foundation and a pillar in the actualization of the blueprint that maps out liberation for natural beings. It is the creation of pure love. Born out of love for self, love for life, love for any and everything that brings joy and resonates on a frequency of love. 

It is inherent to know that love is infinite and powerful. This organization encourages the harmony of community, creation, and love. Exposing those who end up at this gateway to: Metaphysical tools that have been known to provide support on the journey to the center of yourself, as well as the journey that is, the walk of life. Digestible information that expands our understanding of the history and uses of tools offered. Concepts and ideals meant to spark inspiration within you. And a collection of communities that contribute to the building and refinement of the plan of action that leads to wellness and freedom for all. 

Exposure ignites wonder and Cosmic Affinity wants you to accept the wonder and discover. Discover your divinity. Challenge all you know to be true. Learn your innateness. Expand your imagination, and envision what peace and love on a global scale could look like. Imagine that can be our reality. With that being said, I want for every person that encounters this page to feel the love that I have for the world, and inevitably understand how they can help preserve it. Especially because this is your home too. The journey towards peace as a collective has begun. However, no matter how separate you feel, you play a powerful role in the healing of our planet. In the words of a famous Beatles song it is said all you need is love. Love yourself enough to learn about how your past has affected your present, and take steps to break the cycle that we have been a part of for generations. Love life enough to care about every being with breath. Love the world enough to understand what has been done to exploit it, and learn the enemy. Love cannot die so love will be the weapon. I have a vision that, alongside many other powerful beings of righteousness who move in love, and you, will be able to work together to let love and light triumph the hate and darkness amongst us. We will come together to build an impervious community. Your path is yours to experience and over-stand. Finding Cosmic Affinity just may be a step in the right direction. That decision is yours to discern. My hope is that this page visit is a stop on your journey of continuous knowledge and infinite love. Let's work together towards a better future. By working on ourselves, and see beautiful things fall into place, almost as if it were meant to happen.