Where to Start

The title of this page is a little misleading, because in fact you've already began. It began when you lived through pain. When you experienced life and still chose to live on. You find ways to cope, to get through, because what do you have if you give up on you. The smallest of voices telling you there is something to live for. That will to keep going is where you started. This collection of communities acknowledges how far you have gotten yourself, and the hardships endured along the way. How society and systems influence the belief that you are isolated and insignificant. For it is truly knowing yourself that allows you to gauge your power. Your power to inspire and create change in your life and others. This is a Segway to the part of your journey where you prevail. 

The items I have available to you in the CA catalog are tools I had been exposed to and early on didn't realize, every time it brought positive energy, and a lot of the time, peace to my space. Exposure ignites wonder and wonder eventually led me to seek out the reason for the moments of positivity and peace, and ways to find more. The research reintroduced me to metaphysical healing tools used in traditional practices. Physical connections to the earth. Crystals from minerals. Tingsha and song bowls from precious metals. Resin and Incense from trees and plants. The science behind how these things have worked so efficiently for centuries, is often pondered and discussed. Here we believe the answer may have more to do with spirit than science, or possibly a balanced combination of both. Connection with the earth shows us how to connect with ourselves. It shows us how to connect with each-other. It is a blueprint in itself of how to inhabit this place we call home. Authenticity, because every thing that makes us different makes us great, and living in that allows you to serve your purpose in all your glory. Faith, because knowing that we are separate but one allows us to embrace our connection with everything that is and accept that we can help one another by helping ourselves. 

Underneath every product you will find detailed information about where it is from, what it does, and how it can assist you personally on your journey. It is understood that everything is not for everyone so while you browse, feel. What feels like it can help you? What information has had a lasting impression? Which item stood out to you the most? In holistic experiences many people are innately attracted to what they need most at the time. Asking yourself these questions and listening to your intuition will help you answer the most important question, if any of what is provided is for you.

Find what feels right!