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Chakra Aligning White Sage

Chakra Aligning White Sage

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Traditional white sage with 7 rose petals correlating to the 7 main chakras you have apart of your being.  

White Sage or Salvia Apiana is used in traditional practice by indigenous people native to southwestern US or Northwestern Mexico. Proven to have antimicrobial properties, able to destroy the growth of microorganisms, bacteria’s, viruses, and fungi. Often used in traditional medicine for relief of pain, protecting the body against oxidative stress, free radical damages, angiogenesis, inflammation, bacterial and viral infection. White sage has been used to treat common illnesses and could potentially be a novel natural treatment for the relief of of any serious and life threatening disease. 

Assists in aligning your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, 3rd eye, and Crown Chakra. For more information on chakras find the cosmic chakra bag. 

The art of smudging is one of the traditional ritualistic ways white sage is used. Thought to assist in cleansing of negative ions and negative energy in the space or on a person. This happens when the antibacterial sage releases negative ions to bind to positively ionized particles, such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet dander, dust, other allergens, and hazardous particles. Studies have shown that the releasing of these negative ions also help in dispelling depression, balancing serotonin levels, improving and regulating sleep patterns. *There will be a blog post more on smudging soon.*

Approximately 7" in size. To use, place in palms of hands and set intentions for the sage, the space, and bringing yourself in alignment with the universe. Open a window or all of them and light one end of the bundle along that circumference, let the flame engulf the top of the the sage bundle and the wave it out until the aromatic smoke fills the air. Allow the smoke to reach every corner or the space, waft the smoke over your own body and around any item you would like to cleanse. 

I would like to mention that in some places white sage is becoming a less available and more sought after commodity due to the increased popularity of smudging. This, Im almost sure has an effect on the families and communities that have been using it for years. I feel as though it is important to keep in mind the traditional ritualistic practices by the indigenous people, due to the fact that, if they hadn't used it we probably wouldn't have known it could be used in this way and this is a spiritual practice. Participating in this connects you to not only the people required to bring you in the world (your ancestors) but connects us to the original people. We have all of the knowledge of the world in our DNA, we just need to tap in. 

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