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Cosmic 7 Chakra Bag

Cosmic 7 Chakra Bag

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A cosmic bag full of love, peace, and prosperity. Carry this bag around to always have a physical connection to the universe.

This chakra bag consists of 7 beautiful tumbled gemstones, artfully put together by Affinity to assist you in the alignment of your being and your growing connection with source. 

Includes: Red Jasper, Sunstone, Yellow Aventurine, Ruby Fuschite, Blue Kyanite, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz *Gems will vary in size*

Chakra is a word from ancient sacred scriptures that translates to "wheel", these "wheels" or spinning disks are where energy gathers within and adjacent to the physical body. This chakra system is how we can truly become connected to our cosmic energy and tap into the true life source of ourselves. Any spiritual, emotional, or physical hardships can be traced back to a blocked or overactive chakra. According to tantric texts there are over 100 chakras in the body, however the alignment of 9 reaches kundalini and the main 7 are usually the focus on the journey to self-realization, corresponding with a specific spot on your body, a specific color, and planet, amongst other things.

Root Chakra (located at the base of spine): Red Jasper is a grounding stone that brings about physical strength, stamina, focus determination and protection from misfortune. Good for a nurturing energy, controlling emotions, soothing the nerves, dynamic energy, dream recollection, passion and libido. 

Sacral Chakra(between the hips, pelvic area): Sunstone helps bring out your leadership, personal power, benevolence, mental clarity, originality, and success. Assisting in further expanding the consciousness this stone restores enjoyment of life and nature and sense of self worth due to mood lifting and anti-depressant properties. Reveals talents and attracts unexpected prosperity and vitality. 

Solar Plexus Chakra(above the bellybutton): Yellow Aventurine helps deal with oversensitivity, indecisiveness, easing grief and the need for power and control. This stone enhances the flow of energy, balancing of yin and yang, self-reflection, calmness, optimism, creativity, centering emotions and vibrates on the levels of compassion and understanding. 

Heart Chakra(central part of spine, near the heart): Ruby Fuschite comes in both colors related to the heart chakra, red/pink and green making this a powerful tool with the capacity to heal the heart, promote physical healing and psychic awareness. The ruby carries energy of vitality, while fuschite carries energy of self worth. Making it easier to maintain awareness of individuality, while connecting with humanity. This stone transforms destructive, negative energy into positive, helpful ones. 

Throat chakra(center of the throat): Blue Kyanite, one of a personal favorites of the bunch, is a powerhouse of positive energy and bringer of tranquility. This stone is known for its ability to eradicate negative energy as it does not retain the negative vibrations or energy. Meaning the cleansing of the stone would not be as necessary, as it would be for other gems. Having that ability is rare and powerful and is one of the many benefits of Blue Kyanite. It is very influential in communication on all levels, clarity, calmness, healing, protection. Good for driving away anger, frustration, confusion, and stress, while simultaneously providing capacity for linear and logical thought. Can heighten psychic abilities, help when connecting with spirit guides, and receiving messages. Invaluable when public speaking or performing.  

3rd Eye Chakra(forehead, between eyes): Amethyst is a powerful purple stone that increases spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, inner peace and healing of mind, body and spirit. The transformative vibrations are thought to bring good fortune, and alleviate stress, headaches, insomnia, and proves to be a very valuable tool when battling insobriety.  

Crown Chakra(top of head): Crystal Quarts, the most prominent quarts mineral of the family is a transformative stone, assisting in cleansing the mind, body and soul, of clutter to then align with the highest form of self and highest potential. It will help set and achieve new goals, with visualization and manifestation, while gaining clarity to make good decisions that build towards your goal. An easily programmable tool that amplifies and enhances your intentions as it amplifies and enhances the powers of other crystals. 

Use these gems in conjunction with meditation, deep breathing, any form of relaxation, work, and even if you just going outside. There will be a blog post more on chakras, crystals, and cleansing coming soon. 

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