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Frankincense + Myrrh Natural Resin Sticks

Frankincense + Myrrh Natural Resin Sticks

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This resin brings together the natural powers of Frankincense with rejuvenation and revitalization and Myrrh with purification and protection. 

Frankincense is derived from "franc encens" which translates to quality incense in old French. The earthy, wood, and spice notes assist with the task of alleviating chronic stress, and pain. 

Myrrh is derived from the Arabic word "murr"which means bitter. These smoky, sweet, and bitter notes have been used in history for personal and medical purposes. 

These two resins have a more therapeutic effect on the user combined. Proven to be effective on inflammation and cancer. 

Treat yourself to a clarifying and restorative smoke sesh.  

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