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Heart Shaped Rose Quartz Gemstone

Heart Shaped Rose Quartz Gemstone

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Rose Quartz is a pink variety of Quartz mineral, the most prevalent family of minerals in the earths crust, found abundantly all around the world. This 2" heart shaped gemstone is a universal representation of love. This is the fundamental Heart Chakra stone symbolizing the power and healing potential of unconditional love. This can help you increase loving vibrations that fosters forgiveness, higher consciousness, compassion, trust, harmony, friendship, kindness, and self-love. 

This stone is known to provide comfort in times of grief, dispelling fear, guilt, negative energy, and providing protection against environmental pollution by absorbing the negative energy and putting it back into the universe as positive energy. Allowing you to put the love and trust into yourself! This beautiful stone resonates at the frequency of love and is good for attracting new love, romance and intimacy, developing a bond, and inspiring the love of beauty in oneself, others, nature, and anything that stimulates imagination-- art, music, and written word.  

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