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Juniper Smudge

Juniper Smudge

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Juniper is a very special tree and shrub grown all around the Northern Hemisphere of the world, it does not grow fruit, and has seeds. This aromatic evergreen has cones and leaves with beneficial properties, that is known to be energetically and physically detoxifying. The cones are a good way to give the immune system a boost. The leaves assists in cleansing surroundings, attracting positive influences, creating safe, healing, centered space. 

This smudge is to be used when the reset button needs to be pressed. It will protect against evil forces or people, and help you find love and spiritual healing. 

Approximately 7". To use, place in between palms and set intentions for the bundle and the space, open a window or them all, light one end of the Juniper, let the fire engulf the top, and then wave the flame out until the sweet piney smoke fills the air. Allow the smoke to reach every corner of the space and cover anything you want to bring positive vibrations to.  

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