What is Cosmic Affinity?



Conscious Self-Realization

Short answer to what is concious self-reaIization? A journey. Exploring your understanding of who you are and your place in this world. Learning how to be free in the confinement of power hungry sytems. Finding your light, and intuition within. Accepting the essence of walking this earth and experiencing life. Knowing that the journey is not always easy. It's analyzing all those things, in reference to yourself. I am almost positive at some point you've pondered the question "Why am I here?". That can be the start to a rewarding journey. A pathway to peace of mind, an abundant heart, and wellness. A pure embodiment of creation. Realizing self allows ability to envision and procure the life you not only deserve, but have always wanted. The road that follows acts of true self love, discipline, and consistency, will have all that you've seen for yourself and more along the way. Self love is love of the world. We are all connected. We are the world.

Holistic Healing

This form of healing recognizes and cultivates balance amongst what is considered the whole of a person. In many beliefs the whole person is made up of mind, body, and soul. With this notion, holistic healing would mean natural remedies that strengthen the individual concepts of mind, body, and soul to assure they can resonate in harmony. That balance is essential to peace along every journey. Everything we consume (eat, watch, listen to) feeds our body on a on a cellular level. Food breaks down into nutrients. Images we've seen make home in our subconcious mind. Words and melodies ring in our ears long after we've heard them. How could that be if it wasnt all energy? Positive energy nurturs the liveliness of your being. Consumption with high level of conciousness contributes to the harmonious vibration that we should aspire to resonate at individually and collectively. Imagine that healing oursleves will inevitably heal the world.

Well-Rounded Knowledge

Potentially the most important ideal when contributing to the goal of liberation for all life. When you tap into the history of melanin, and melanated bodies far beyond the robbery of the people, their structure, and resources, what you find is an abundance of wealth, community, spirituality, and knowledge of all that is. I believe access to accurate education, and digestible information that teaches us about our ancestors, the traditions they kept, the power they have passed down through DNA, is necessary for us to thrive individually. Providing info in an absorbable way will inspire the exposed to seek out more. Gathering intel through literature and experience in a way they can understand. The overstanding of your innate truth, and a well-balanced exposure to various material can result in lasting changes towards collective generational healing and abundance.  History is written in our DNA.

Words of Encouragement

You were created to not only make your life, but someone else's life better. Somebody needs what you have -- your smile, your love, your words, your encouragement. You may only be someone in this world, but to someone else you are the world! Let this be inspiration, until you can accept yourself as the world.